Tyler, The Creator says he writes his own bars and if he hasn’t made that clear enough, he’s making it clear now. 

Sir Baudelaire took to Twitter on Friday after a user tried to call him out for crediting a string of writers on his new I Know NIGO cut “Lost and Found Freestyle 2019” with ASAP Rocky. The fan shared a screenshot from the writer credits on the track, which included 10 names on top of Tyler, Chad Hugo, Pharrell, and Rocky, writing that “everyone in the industry is a robot.”

“Y’all they said this was a freestyle,” the user wrote. “@tylerthecreator @Pharrell It’s the same with all of your favorite artist. Idk shits just weirdddd.”

Tyler wasn’t a fan of the tweet, and instead of just ignoring it, opted to use the opportunity to teach his fanbase about writing credits—especially when it comes to sampling preexisting music. In this case, Tyler, Rocky, and the Neptunes sample “3 Kings” and “Like a Boss” by Slim Thug. 

“you big fucking dummy,” Tyler wrote. “first beat is 3KINGS by slim thug which the produces had to credit the writers of the song they sampled, second half is LIKE A BOSS by slim and they credited the producers for that as well, then u have the two credits of the rappers u bozo, think first.”

The new track is just one of two featuring Tyler on NIGO’s latest effort, which also includes some features from Pusha-T, Kid Cudi, Lil Uzi Vert, Clipse, Gunna, and more. Listen to it here