Trina Reflects on Khia Challenging Her to a Rap Battle: 'I Don’t Have the Time'

The latest episode of 'Drink Champs' features Trina, who discusses Khia challenging her to a 'Verzuz' battle, her relationship with Lil Wayne, and more.

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Trina appeared on the latest episode of Drink Champs with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN to discuss, amongst many things, her supposed feud with Khia.

The two have apparently been at odds with each other since the 2000s, when Trina saw success from her 2000 single “Da Baddest Bitch” and Khia alleged that she wrote the song for Trina but never got any credit. Since then, Khia has challenged Trina to a Verzuz battle and Trina still hasn’t really given Khia the time of day. N.O.R.E. broached the topic with neither he nor Trina mentioning Khia’s name.

“I would battle anybody—it is what it is. I have records [I] get on stage and do what I do and if you another female artist, I’m ready,” Trina said around the 43-minute mark. “But when it comes to this particular person, the level of disrespect is beyond. I don’t know you. If I don’t know you, I’m not entertaining or feeding into you. That’s just me. Now, it’s two sides of me. It’s this side that’s this polished side but then I’m from Liberty City, Miami, Florida.”

“I don’t have the time. If I have nothing to do, I wasn’t traveling, if I was sitting at home with my feet up, bored, not booked—oh it’s a war. We could go at it. But I don’t really have the time for that,” Trina continued around the 45:30 minute mark. “I’m so busy making sure my bag is good and making sure everything around me is good and buying property and doing stuff that makes sense. Please explain to me why I am going on the internet with another girl that I don’t know, like never said hi to, what for? That’s not even my vibe. … I’m from the streets … when I see you, it’s on sight. … I don’t have beef with you.”

It seems though, back in 2020, Trina had the time. When Khia challenged Trina to a Verzuz, Trina responded on her Trick N Trina Morning Show to say, “When you girls … are calling my name talking ‘bout you want to battle, make sure you have 10 hits. Make sure you have enough records. Make sure you’re on my level if you think you can go toe-to-toe with me because you can not.”

Elsewhere, Trina commented on her relationship with Lil Wayne, who she started dating in 2005 and later got engaged to. They later parted ways, but she still has nothing but good things to say about Weezy, calling him a “legend.”

“Wayne, to me, he’s always been a great person,” she around the 24:30 minute mark. “Back in the day, just from our situation, we were just young. You know sometimes when you’re young, this industry is just fast. It just doesn’t work out the way you plan or how you think it’s going to work out. You’re 20-something years old, you’re hot in the game, making so much money all over the place.” 

Trina added, “Wayne is one of the most honest guys I’ve ever been around or met. When I say honest, like, a real honest person. He’s not with the games. That’s not him. … To me, I’m always gonna speak positively of him.”

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