Trina was honored in her hometown over the weekend, as the rapper was given the key to the City of Miami for the first annual “Trina Day.”

A block party was held Sunday in her original neighborhood of Liberty City with Mayor Francis Suarez on site to officially present Trina with the key to the city.

“Miami product, Liberty City product,” Suarez told the crowd. “There are not enough words in the vocabulary to express our deep appreciation for everything you’ve done for this community. Never forgetting about this community. The one that loves you, that will always love you and will always take care of you as you’ve always taken care of us.”

Trina also received a plaque in memory of her late mother, who passed away from breast cancer back in 2019.

“‘Cause I know how much your momma meant to you…I have a little plaque for you in loving memory of your mother,” Suarez said. “These are the memories you don’t forget and you’re never going to forget her and what she meant to you and what you mean to us. So it wouldn’t be proper to recognize you without recognizing her.”

Trina took to Instagram Sunday night to post her own footage of the presentation, adding she also received the key to Miami-Dade County.

“WOWWWW Still can’t believe I got 2 keys to the city yesterday,” she wrote. “City of Miami and also Miami Dade County.”

She also thanked Mayor Suarez on his Instagram post, commenting, “Thank you. I’m so grateful.”

Elsewhere in news about iconic artists receiving their own hometown day, Ghostface Killah was on the receiving end of such a proclamation on Staten Island, where he was honored by Mayor Eric Adams last week.