Travis Scott, fresh off a VMAs win for “Franchise,” is giving music-hungry fans an overview of what his upcoming new album has been designed to inspire within its listeners.

In a new cover feature for Carine Roitfeld’s CR Men, a limited run of which will hit stands in select cities on Sept. 16, La Flame outlines his take on what it would mean to truly live in a “utopian state” while also hinting at how these thoughts will be filtered through his lens on the fittingly titled new album Utopia.

“Medicine, nursing, being a better person, talking, language, communication—you know, a utopian state. That’s what my album is about,” Scott explained in the Tom Sachs and Natalie Shukur-crafted piece when talking Utopia, which is widely expected to be released before year’s end. Continuing, Scott reflected on the “dystopian shit” that’s defined the past several years and questioned why it’s sustained for so long.

“You think utopia is a society where everything is good: health, buildings, architecture—nah. It’s just about proper lines of communication,” he said. “Because that’s the dystopian shit we’re in right now. It’s all hate, hate, hate, and all of that is drawn from what? Miscommunication, non-communication, non-understandable communication, ignorance to communication. ‘I don’t like this person.’ Why? Because somebody told me something to not like this person? Because in history I read to not like this person? Why?”