Last week it was reported that a lawyer is seeking a criminal sexual assault investigation against T.I. and his wife Tiny, and now he’s been hit with a defamation suit.

As the Hollywood Reporter revealed, T.I. and his wife are being sued for defamation by Sabrina Peterson, who previously alleged that the rapper pulled a gun on her. Peterson filed the lawsuit on Monday, and is also suing the couple’s hairstylist Shekinah Jones. In the suit, she has alleged that T.I. threatened to kill her with a gun following an incident with his assistant, and after she posted about it on social media both T.I. and Tiny denied the allegations. She is now saying she was defamed by their statements addressing the allegations.

Tiny defended her husband in the immediate aftermath of the allegations making their way online, and told Peterson to “stop harassing” her and her family. “You strange,” wrote Tiny. “Everybody know you been special. Please get help but LEAVE US ALONE.” When it was alleged that at one point Peterson had been sexually involved with the couple, they said they were denying the “eregiously appalling allegations.”

Peterson has additionally claimed that T.I. has drugged and raped multiple women, which he refuted in an eight-minute video. Due to their responses to the situation, she said she’s been harassed by their fans, and she’s suing for defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

“Ms. Peterson is the definition of ‘libel proof,’" said the couple's lawyer Andre Brettler in a statement. "She has a lengthy rap sheet for crimes involving dishonesty and violence. Nothing our clients may have said about her is defamatory. Ultimately, not only will Peterson’s meritless lawsuit be dismissed, but also she will be responsible for paying the legal fees the Harrises will be forced to incur in connection with it."

The suit comes shortly after lawyer Tyron A. Blackburn said that he was looking to get authorities to launch an investigation into the couple, as 11 women have claimed they were drugged or sexually assaulted by the couple. He has accused the couple of engaging in a litany of crimes including "sexual abuse, forced ingestion of illegal narcotics, kidnapping, terroristic threats and false imprisonment."