T.I. is a proud father this week. 

The hip-hop heavyweight took to Instagram before the weekend hit to salute his 17-year-old son King for graduating high school with honors.

TIP shared a photo of the boy’s diploma from Dutchtown High School, as well as his graduation photo, where he’s sporting a cap and gown. As T.I. explains, he’s “shocked” about the honors, and proud of his son for handling “his business.”

“Shocked the sh*t outta me🤯Celebration is definitely in order🎉Twin did it‼️ @the_next_king10 Graduates tomorrow… WITH HONORS👑 Say what you want about him… but can’t say he ain’t handle his business. #ProudPops🥲”

T.I. then implied that he and King might have some celebrations in order. “We might even 💨one together.
Congratulations King. We love you,& We proud of you. Don’t stop...Keep growing.”

King even took yo his Instagram Stories to repost a few photos, showing what his dad was rocking during the commencement ceremony: a light blue T-shirt with his son’s name and face plastered on it, along with the words “class of 2022.” 

TI with his son King on graduation day
Image via Instagram

While his son walked the stage at graduation, T.I. himself is trying to conquer a new stage in the comedy world. Back in April, the Atlanta great was booed off stage at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn during the April Fools Comedy Jam. The crowd seemed unimpressed with TIP’s routine, and more into the idea of him performing some classics, but that didn’t quite happen. Marlon Wayans later spoke on the incident a few days later with The Breakfast Club

“There’s always going to be somebody with something to say,” Wayans said. “You’re supposed to be challenged like this because you’re supposed to be humiliated like that to understand what you were walking into. Your T.I. status don’t matter in comedy. You’re being humbled. You’re learning a new experience. You’re learning the rules of engagement. You’re learning ‘don’t run the light,’ you’re learning hostile audiences. This is going to make him a better artist. There’s nothing to be discouraged about. There’s nothing to write off.”