Producer: Rashad Smith
Album: No Way Out
Label: Bad Boy

In the summer of 1997, Jay's career was in a holding pattern. While Reasonable Doubt was heralded as a classic by critics, it wasn't a huge success commercially. Jay's Def Jam debut was dropping in the fall, so everything he did in the interim had to make a mark.

Never one to choke under pressure, Jay made sure that his appearance on Puff Daddy and the Family's “Young G's” was an incredibly focused outing—precise, intricate, and understandably smooth. The God MC's well-received guest spot exposed Hov to Puff Daddy's pop audience.

Unfortunately, this would be Jay's last recording with B.I.G., who was murdered just weeks after laying the track. But Jay did promise B.I.G. that he'd be multi (platinum) before he died. Just a few months later, Jay made good on that promise.