DJ Premier: “At the time, Jay and I hadn’t spoken in a while. And I ran in to him at a Janet Jackson concert. I remember he walked by, and I was at the little concession stand to get a slice of pizza or something. He was popular already, but not as big as he is now. So my boy goes, ‘There go Jay-Z.’ And you know how they walk by and see you, but they’re walking in a certain pace and don’t catch you on the dot? So when he looks, my boy goes, ‘I bet you he ain’t going to come back.’ As soon as he said that, Jay doubles back and comes back. He goes, ‘Yo, I’m working on my new album, man. I need you for this joint.’ He came here, I played him the beat, and he loved it. This was the first time he didn’t give me any instructions. He said, ‘Yo, I love it. I’ll be back in an hour.’ Came back in an hour and said, ‘Aight, let’s go.’”