Producer: Trackmasters & Precision
Label: Jive

After Jay and Kells saw success on their “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” collaboration, the duo attempted to make lightening strike twice just months later with the “Fiesta (Remix).” The addictive summer smash immediately caught fire spending an impressive five weeks atop the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart. Jay also gave you the blueprint (hey!) for what your evening should look like: “After the show it's the after party/And after the party it's the hotel lobby.” Granted, most could hardly afford to party like “the new 2 Live Crew,” but you could at least pretend to for these four short minutes minutes.

The success of the remix, no doubt inspired the collaborative album, Best of Both Worlds, which came (and went) in 2002. However, the real question here is if Boo & Gotti still drink Cris like it's H2O? Doubtful.