Producer: No I.D.
Album: The Blueprint 3
Label: Roc Nation/Atlantic

You have to admit, by 2009, Auto-Tune had been done to death. Played out would be an understatement. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry in hip-hop was running to the device attempting to strike big with the ear candy cliché du jour.

Always a savvy trend-watcher, this time Jay flipped into trend-killer mode. Pairing up with producer No I.D., Jay roasted the rap trend made famous by T-Pain, effectively placing a toe-tag on it. That is, until it reappeared on Jay & Ye's Watch The Throne album (“New Day”).

Beyond the song's lyrical content, the jagged-edged beat was a sonic throwback to hip-hop's yesteryear. Even if it made T-Pain catch feelings, "D.O.A." was justly heralded by critics and fans alike for its boom-bap appeal.