Producer: Timbaland
Album: Vol. 3...The Life And Times Of S. Carter
Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

Jigga, Timbaland, and UGK? Nah, they never saw it coming. Being a huge fan of UGK's Ridin' Dirty album, Jay reached out to the Underground Kingz to collaborate on a record for Jay's fourth album. However, Hov's invitation was politely declined by Pimp C, who was staunchly opposed recording with hip-hop's biggest star at the time. The late, great Chad Butler reasoned that a feature with Jay and Timbo would alienate their die-hard fan base and turn their loyal supporters against them.

Luckily, after much prodding from Bun B, Pimp C agreed to do the feature and the rest is history. Timbaland's Middle Eastern-influenced sample was unlike anything in hip-hop at the time, and the boastful, braggadocious rhymes from the East and Third Coast's finest make the “swag” rap of today look downright silly. Not to mention that the Hype Williams-directed video, which was shot on a yacht in Trinidad, completely raised the bar for rap video opulence.