Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: Relapse
Label: Aftermath/Interscope
"Underground" is a free-association frenzy swirling in an operatic whirlwind. Its title has multiple meanings, as do some of the rhymes: 1. At the start, Eminem is literally underground. He tells Dre to dig him up. 2. Em asking Dre to dig him up can also mean asking Dre to bring him back musically. 3. Eminem has been gone from the public eye for many years. He's been in rehab. He's been "underground." 4. This kinetic type of flow has no commericial intentions—it's a sick display of various skills across a murderized time signature. Eminem is rhyming in an "underground" style. 5. Eminem has been through many trials and tribulations. He has been in hell...which is "underground." 6. Eminem feels trapped by fame. He lives a life that is "underground." 7. The song "Underground" is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle, yo.