Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam
Key Track: "1-900-Hustler"

Why this was marketed as a Jay solo still eludes us, since it's arguably the best weird-blend-of-crew-and-roster-based album out there. Even Memphis Bleek tore it down, and earlyish glimpses of everyone from Beanie to Kanye ("This Can't Be Life" was one of his first major production placements) make for a vivid snapshot of when the Roc had the radio on lock. We were even listening to it the day we ran into Memph at Quizno's. He makes a mean panini. Pause.

"Parking Lot Pimping" was the intended first single, but two days before the video shoot Jay recorded "I Just Want to Love U" and scrapped everything in favor of that.