The canon of what's categorically considered to be a "hip-hop" movie or television show can include films about graffiti, break-dancing, DJs, or rap, let alone any of the things rappers explicitly rap about, sure. But that's not all there is out there.

Krush Groove is a crucial hip-hop movie, but it is as influential or important to hip-hop as Brian De Palma's Scarface? Is the impact of Will Smith and "Fresh Prince" on rap equal to or greater than that of "In Living Color" or "Chappelle's Show"? When sorting out the best of what we considered to be some of the great hip-hop movies and television, we opened up the field a little. Past just documentaries, and stories about rappers. We don't need to tell you. Hip-hop's bigger than that. Just ask some of the Netflix viewership and amateur review movie corps, who have some...interesting...things to say about their favorite flicks that are readily available on Netflix streams. Granted, they don't have all the best movies that hip-hop's yielded or embraced (like, of course, Scarface and Krush Groove). But we found more than a few gems worth watching.

These are The 50 Best Hip-Hop Movies and Shows Streaming on Netflix Right Now. If you don't know, now you know (to stream them before they're gone).