Produced By: Dave Atkinson, Trackmasters/Trackmasters
Album: It Was Written/"Street Dreams" 12" B-Side
Label: Columbia/Columbia

The hype for Nas' supergroup was justified with the exciting, Italiano-influenced illegal-living murder mix from Nas' second LP. AZ really knows how to kick-start a song, and Cormega, fresh from doing a bid, couldn't sound more like a young G. Rap, which is obviously a compliment. A showcase for newcomer Foxy Brown, who is given extra bars and the honor of doing the final verse, she does her best to impress with images of international jet-setting and complicated drug-dealing math formulas (which may or may not have been written by Nas). Fox Boogie ain't the only one shinin', however. Her mentor manages to sneak in an ill line of his own: "Life's a bitch, but God forbid the bitch divorce me."

The lively remix, a B-side to "Street Dreams," uses the same killer keys that made "The Symphony" famous (and Jungle doin' Marley's adlibs) and features brand-new rhymes from everyone, with the "ringleader" having a lot of fun with it: "Nas got 19 wives/Seven sheisty, nine of them Pisces/Three white meats under tight cheese." It was only '96, but the battle for the No. 1 spot was already fresh in his mental as he closes out with, "I take the crown off the so-called king of the town and lock it down."