Produced By: Baby Paul & Mike Risko
Album: Stillmatic
Label: Ill Will/Columbia
Not all the turmoil going on in the Queensbridge projects makes the news cameras. In '01, the hostility amongst rappers reppin' the same area was at an all-time high. Nas gets a lot off his chest on "Destroy & Rebuild," a jab-jab-left-hook that rides on Cormega, Prodigy, and Nature—old beef, no longer an issue. His choice of a Slick Rick flow is understandable ,since Nas and the Ruler do share somewhat of a kindred spirit, both recognized for their wise words.

But on this record, it's not about wisdom, but about dumbing out on enemies, and he goes hard at Cormega: "Cory changed his name to ahh, whatever/Cornchip, Buckwheat lookalike, it's Mega/Right, Mega was his name, sorry about that/But it's so hard to put a coward's name in my rap." He chides P for getting robbed: "Jungle was busting his gun to get your weak chain back/They don't respect you, a check's due for me for your fame." And he calls Nature an "old-lady pocketbook snatcher" and a dick rider. His spoken rant at the end shows a definite 2Pac influence on Esco. Fortunately, after this destruction, the QB representers rebuilt their friendships.