Soulja Boy returned to The Breakfast Club on Friday with plenty to say regarding his would-be Donda collaborator Kanye West.

As is widely known by now, Big Draco had recorded a verse for the track “Remote Control” that ultimately didn’t make the cut. Since then, Soulja has been publicly critical of Ye, who also publicly criticized the contributions in question before ultimately issuing an apology

After some talk earlier in the interview about his confusion over whether Ye and Kim Kardashian West had formalized their divorce, including Soulja suggesting people should be “mad at Pete Davidson” instead of him with regards to his comments about the SKIMS co-founder, Soulja was asked about the Donda-centered feud.

“Yeah, Kanye reached out,” he said around the 4:45 mark. “It was just crazy, like, that whole process of working. You know, doing the song and I just had to, like, sit back for a minute, like, man. Kanye got a lot going on. But I like Kanye though. All artists, all geniuses, are crazy” 

From there, Soulja included himself in that category before comparing and contrasting himself with Yeezy.

“I be knowing what I be talking about though,” he said. “There’s a different type of crazy. I can just say there’s different forms of crazy. When it comes to Kanye, it’s just kinda all over the place. After we spoke, I just felt like, oh okay. He don’t mean no harm. This don’t come from a place of ill will.”

Soulja later lauded Ye’s strengths as an artist, producer, rapper, designer, and businessman before explaining his opinion on how people hold him to a degree of perfection that isn’t realistic.  

“Kanye’s not used to nobody telling him, like, ’N****, you tripping’ or ‘Bro that’s wrong,’” he said. “Because we’re so high up on the pedestal, high up on the level, that we don’t listen to nobody or we don’t have to.”