Snoop Dogg thinks that Death Row Records would be a lot different if he were in charge. And as he’s heard, that day may come soon.

The legendary West Coast MC caught up with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on a new episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game Sunday, and explained that he thinks he should be running Death Row.

“I think all of Death Row should be in my hands,” Snoop said at the 48 minute-mark. “I should be running that shit. Just like I’m [in] a position at Def Jam, Death Row means more to me because I helped create that. I think they should give me that and let me run that shit with the merchandise out, with the music all over the world. [Add] some new West Coast acts.”

Snoop—who considers himself one of the “legs” to the Death Row “table,” continued, explaining that if he were in charge of the legendary ‘90s label even just five years ago, he thinks Roddy Ricch, Ty Dolla Sign, YG, and “anything coming out the west” would have made its way to the label. 

He also spoke on Blackstone’s current ownership of Death Row as well, and after listing off the catalog that Death Row owns, from the Poetic Justice soundtrack to some of 2Pac’s biggest releases, he shared that a “little birdie” told him it may “fly my way soon.”

“It’s just a lot of heat over there and it’s not being handled right,” he said. “But a little birdie told me it may fly my way and if it do, you’ll get everything that I told you … If I can get Def Jam poppin’, what could I do with Death Row? Just imagine that.”