Though Saweetie has spoken on the concept of “pretty privilege” before, the “Pretty Bitch Freestyle” artist still doesn't believe it holds as much weight for her as some may think.

Back in March, Saweetie shared with Cosmopolitan that she “won’t act like there isn’t a certain type of power that comes with people admiring your face.” But, she added that it’s “not something that gets me off.”

Now, with her upcoming debut album (which is currently without a release date) holding the Pretty Bitch Music title, it only makes sense that the Complex digital cover star fielded more questions on the topic. In an interview with Power 106.1, she explained that “there are some pretty people who abuse whatever privilege they have or they’re given,” before the interviewer tossed over the term “pretty privilege.”

“Right, but it’s just like, for me, honestly, throughout my whole life, being pretty was kind of like, how do I say wasn’t a privilege for me,” Saweetie said. “I was judged, rumors were made up about me, and it was kind of always working against me. And it’s just like, for me, I never thought of pretty as glamorizing my existence as a human being.”

The MC also clarified why she titled her upcoming record Pretty Bitch Music, adding that the title doesn’t necessarily refer to looks, but rather one’s “aura,” “energy” or “self-esteem.”

“When I say pretty, I think the biggest misconception is people thinking about fashion or your ice or your jewelry, or your makeup but for me, pretty is like your confidence,” she said. “I love me a confident woman.”   

In her Complex cover this month, Saweetie also spoke to Deputy Style Editor Aria Hughes about her hope to eventually work with and admiration for J. Cole—who she once rapped for years back—and whose track “Cost Me A Lot” tops her list of Cole songs. 

“I think the greatest J. Cole song of all time—at least, a song that really just makes me feel something—is ‘Cost Me a Lot,’” she said. “And that was a mixtape song. The mainstream people don’t know too much about that.”