After his acclaimed 2020 mixtape, Rage Of Angels, and a sea of catchy lead-up singles such as the Lancey Foux-assisted “Dopamine” and the rock-led “Love, Drugs, Anarchy”, Brixton-bred singer-songwriter Santino Le Saint’s debut LP, Beautiful Disaster, has arrived. 

For the 12-song record, Santino opts to keep features at bay, instead showing off all of his artistic variety throughout. On the production front, Benjamin & Thomas Totten, Elevated, SXBER, KIMPE and Le Saint himself hop on the beat deck for Beautiful Disaster to create an offering that taps into the aritst’s love of R&B, indie and electronica.  

“Ride Or Die” is one of many noteworthy cuts on the album. The stripped-back song features articulate guitar riffs and rumbling, trappy 808s alongside Santino’s matter-of-fact, pensive verses. The penultimate track, “Hurricane”, is also a winner—an R&B ballad that lets Santino’s vocal chops truly shine. Then there’s “Cobain”: with an energetic rap flow on display, the intoxicating party romp encapsulates all of the South Londoner’s musical armoury in one three-minute banger. 

Santino Le Saint continues to prove why he’s in a lane of his own, demonstrating his versatility and a sharp ear for production. Stream Beautiful Disaster in full below.