It looks like the Quando Rondo/King Von saga is far from over. 

During a virtual concert this weekend, Quando Rondo appeared to have dissed the deceased rapper during the performance.

“He got caught without that pole and now that bitch ass nigga gone,” Rondo said in a clip that surfaced on social media. “I’ll piss on his grave.”

Although Rondo never mentioned Von directly, he seemingly references the scenario that claimed the Chicago rapper’s life. Von died in November 2020 after being shot during an altercation with Quando Rondo outside of an Atlanta hookah lounge. In footage from the scene, Von can be witnessed walking up to Quando and throwing punches at the rapper. Since Quando was on the losing end of the fight, Rondo’s associate, Lul Tim, allegedly pulled out a gun and fired the fatal shots at Von. 

Since then, those associated with Von—like Lil Reese—have vowed to get revenge for his murder. Some of Quando Rondo’s shows have been shut down due to threats of violence and other appearances have been inconvenienced. As a result, fans were quick to note that Rondo is making these comments about Von from a virtual concert.

Yet, other viewers pointed out that King Von made a career off dissing the dead. So it can be a two-way street if these comments are about him. 

Watch the rapper’s full virtual performance below.