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A new Pop Smoke song has been released titled, “AP,” which will be included in the rapper’s feature-film debut, Boogie. 

The Eddie Huang directorial debut is about a talented basketball player whose parents want him to focus on academics instead. 

It always a good day when we get new Pop Smoke. The Brooklyn drill artist hadn’t even scratched the surface of his potential before he was murdered. “AP” is just another reminder of that, with Pop utilizing the drill sound that he helped popularize in his city.

Image via Publicist

After recently passing the one-year anniversary of Pop’s untimely demise, his mother, Audrey Jackson, and New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams joined The Breakfast Club to talk about Pop Smoke’s legacy and the anti-gun initiative that Ms. Jackson is preparing to launch. 

“We did a video together and I spoke with Audrey and her husband, Pop Smoke’s dad, and I walked away from there just saying this story must be told,” Adams said. “Sometimes, when we look at those who are in the record industry, we do not know the depth of the families who are involved. Audrey is an amazing educator, her husband is in the financial industry, an industry that is challenging for a Black man to navigate, and he’s extremely successful. And brother Pop Smoke had an amazing foundation that we saw in his creativity. … He was deeply rooted in strong faith, strong understanding of the English language, knowing how to put together the lyrics. And he brought his own flavor to it.”

Listen to Pop Smoke’s new song “AP” down below via Spotify. Boogie will be out on March 5.