N.O.R.E. revealed he’s owned 35 cars so far in life, but only got his driver’s license this week.

In a pair of tweets on Thursday, the 44-year-old Drink Champs host announced he was en route to his big test.

“On my way to take the road text [sic] for my very first license I’ve had 35 cars in my life but never had a license wish me luck!!!” he tweeted, later revealing he passed the test. “Passed the test n road test now gotta go take the picture hopefully I make it in time!!!”

“Shit different the Yalla got his license!” said N.O.R.E. excitedly in a clip he posted to Instagram. “It’s over, road rage everywhere! I’m outside, I can finally drive my own cars goddamnit.”

In the caption he added in all-caps, “No highway is safe my first license ever yes Imma grown man that can now drive his own cars I’m excited!!!!”

Noreaga showed how he’s celebrating the achievement in another post, in which he revealed he had been using a learner’s permit “for years.” He ultimately decided to go for the test after it expired.

“Big opus and celebrate positive energy only,” he added.

N.O.R.E. isn’t the first rapper to admit he bought a ton of cars before passing his driver’s test. Last year, Rick Ross revealed he had roughly 100 or more cars and didn’t own a license. Later in 2021, at age 45, he passed his test and obtained his license. 

“I actually was driven to the test. I do have over 100 cars and I just hadn’t had my license,” Rozay laughed. “So, whenever I go joyriding, it was just one of those things. … But it’s something about my smile. Every time I get pulled over, by the time the officers walked up, they like, ‘Go ’head, Rozay. We know you good.’”