Noname, whose first new song of 2021 arrived last Friday, is servicing the community with the construction of the official headquarters for the Noname Book Club.

This week, photos were shared to the @Nonamehiding Instagram account showing the space in progress. The photos were also accompanied by an outlining of the plans for the space from Noname herself.

“Everything provided in this space will be FREE,” Noname said. “We service the community. We cannot wait for Biden or any other white supremacist political to provide for the people. Capitalism doesn’t end by itself. We have to start building a worker-led solidarity economy. The government would rather bomb Somalia than pay your rent.”

The headquarters will provide political education classes, book drives, a radical community library, food drives, book club meet-ups, tent drives, free art shows, free movie screenings, and more.

In a pair of tweets on Monday night, Noname told fans “good things on the way” and linked to a Patreon page where those who want to support these efforts can do so by subscribing for as little as one dollar per month.

The Noname Book Club is an online/IRL community dedicated to uplifting POC voices by spotlighting two books per month written by authors of color, as well as by building a community with people across the country and sending monthly book selections to incarcerated individuals. For more info, click here.

Last Friday, Noname shared the new song “Rainforest” featuring Adam Ness. A new album, titled Factory Baby, is expected to be released later this year.