NLE Choppa Breaks Down Why Physical Altercation at Airport Happened, Says Man 'Wasn’t a YoungBoy Fan'

NLE Choppa sat down with DJ Akademiks to discuss his recent physical altercation at an airport, with video surfacing online of the incident.

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NLE Choppa says the man he got into a physical altercation with at an airport was not a YoungBoy Never Broke Again fan, but rather a fan of his trying to get his attention. 

Choppa is opening up further about last week’s airport altercation, when a man approached him with a camera and asked him several times if he was NLE before things got violent. As he now shares with DJ Akademiks on Off the Record, the man who got in his personal space was seemingly a fan of his, just trying to talk to him after spotting him near a bathroom in the airport.

“We was in the rental car at the airport,” NLE explained. “I’m just in my own fucking world, I’m listening to music, and I say, ‘Yo, I gotta shit.’ So my brother, he went in the public restroom. But you know in the restroom in the airport, you got the family restroom and public restroom. I like to go in the family restroom because it be clean.”

While in the restroom, NLE says he made a phone call before leaving and listening to music. He said at this point, he already saw the man walking toward the restroom, and when he left he noticed the man walk up with his camera.“By the time I looked up to see him, I guess he had already called my name a few times or something,” he said. “When I took my earphones out, I guess that was the third or fourth time he asked me. He’s like, ‘Yo, you NLE? Why you acting scared?’”

Once he heard the man imply he was scared, NLE said he tried to “descelate everything” and tell the man that there was a misunderstanding. As the rapper shares, the man initially “came to me as a fan.”

“He jumped at me, and I’m like, what the fuck? I just look at him and in a split second of me thinking, I’m like, ‘Should I pop on this n***a, man?’”

As a result, NLE threw a punch because he said that if he walked off, he feels the apparent fan would’ve sucker-punched him or came at him from behind. NLE also clarified that the man “wasn’t a YoungBoy fan,” as reported by some blogs, and that it was a product of another kid nearby shouting the phrase “4ktrey.”

Regardless of how it all went down, it doesn’t appear that NLE got “knocked out” as the man implied in a video; rather he just slipped on the ground during the incident. Check out the full Off the Record interview below.

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