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After giving us three of the best UK rap albums ever made in One Foot Out, Crop Circle and Crabs In A Bucket—along with a monumental mixtape run that defined the sound of British rap in the 21st century—Nines has ruined everyone’s week with the announcement that next year he’ll be dropping his ninth and final project.

The Church Road rapper made the announcement in a conversation with Chuckie on JD Sports’ In The Duffle Bag podcast, telling him: “I’m cool, I’m happy, I’m lucky enough to be successful in this game (but) I’m out of this shit. I’m dropping my last album next year, to be fair. Come on, man. Man can’t be out here rapping.”

He later added: “I’ve got other plans, I’ve got other goals—I probably would have quit rapping this year if I didn’t have a setback… What I mean by setback, I was out that whole 2019; I always had it in my head that I’m dropping nine albums and I’m out. I’ve got two more left… My name’s Nines and all.”

It’s a sad state of affairs, but one silver lining to take from it all is that if he intends to release his ninth and final album next year, that must surely mean that is eighth full-length project is due this year. So while it’s a shame, we can at least expect two new drops in very quick succession.

You can watch the full conversation with Nines and Chuckie below.