If you stepped away from the endless scroll infrastructure for even just a few minutes on Wednesday, you were likely confounded when you returned to Instagram and found a seemingly endless swath of “nah he tweakin” utterances.

But how did we get here? Why is “he” tweaking? 

Image via Twitter

In true 2021 fashion, the briefly ubiquitous meme stems from a comment made by numerous people including Lil Nas X, who’s no doubt had one of the more enviably prolific creative outputs this year. In response to a post from @rap on Instagram, X—though seemingly not quite the first to do so—said “nah he tweakin.”

The post in question showed a photo of skating legend Tony Hawk, who was recently announced to be selling boards featuring his own blood. 

“Y’all rockin’ with it?” the @rap team asked when sharing the news, prompting a tidal wave of “nah he tweakin.”