Country star Morgan Wallen took a step out of the spotlight earlier this year after a video showed him saying the N-word while arriving home from a night out.

At the time, he apologized for his usage of the racial slur, and NAACP Nashville president Sheryl Guinn offered to educate him on the word. His team reached out to Guinn to express interest in scheduling a meeting, but TMZ reports that Wallen has failed to follow-through on such a meeting.

After both Wallen’s team and NAACP Nashville agreed to a meeting, there has been little effort on the part of the former to actually make it happen. The initial phone call reportedly made it appear the meeting was to take place, but Wallen and his team have supposedly ghosted the NAACP ever since. Guinn says that they did not want to pressure the musician into meeting with the NAACP and they were simply interested in helping him after he had expressed a desire to educate himself.

In the viral clip from February, Wallen was heard saying, “Take care of this pussy-ass n***a.” He later said he wished he could “take back” his words, and in an April update, stated he would not be returning to the stage until he had worked on himself further. He admitted in that update he’s “made some mistakes” and is “truly sorry and have been making my amends.” 

Earlier this week, Wallen made his return to performing live at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk bar in Nashville, TMZ reports. It is worth noting that he does not have any other shows planned right now, so perhaps he’s staying true to his word. However, some may find that the optics of him performing at Kid Rock’s bar after a racial slur controversy aren’t exactly great.