Fresh off signing a deal with Interscope Records, rising North Carolina rapper Morray has returned with “Trenches,” the latest video and single from his forthcoming debut Street Sermons

Similar to Morray’s 2020 viral hit “Quicksand,” “Trenches” is a melodic rap ballad that features an impassioned vocal performance from the 28-year-old Fayetteville artist. The track’s accompanying visual shines a spotlight on his home neighborhood as he delivers his verses from the steps of a local church and visits a cemetery to honor his fallen friends.

“Trenches” follows “Quicksand,” “Kingdom,” “Switched Up,” and “Big Decisions,” as the fifth single from Morray’s first full-length offering, Street Sermons, set to arrive April 28 via Pick Six Records and Interscope.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Morray opened up about his new single and forthcoming project. 

“I really want people to understand that the ghetto ain’t all bad,” he told Lowe when discussing the message behind “Trenches.” “We’re not all in there sad, we’re not all in there run [amok] and led astray. Some of us are really in there living our lives. We still go outside, we still hanging out, play basketball, chill with our homies, sit on the hula hooping. It’s regular out there. It’s not all just bad. We know how to celebrate the good. We can still celebrate our smiles too.”

Morray also shed light on Street Sermons, maintaining that it shouldn’t be considered his debut “album.”

“This is the mixtape. I think, because I have a lot of songs, but it’s again, with that nitpick and trying to figure out what belongs on which project, what belongs here, what belongs there. I believe I am ready to give people who I am. I have so much more story to tell, that I’m willing to spill the tea, for lack of a better term,” Morray explained. “I’m ready to give them everything and let them know who I really am, as an artist, as a person, so when it’s time for me to do these albums and these other features, they know who I am. Morray is this guy. I want them to have an idea of what to expect from me every time. I’m hoping this mix tape let everybody know that wants to collab with me, that I’m going to work my hardest.”

Check out the video for “Trenches” up top, and stream the track now on all major platforms.