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Rising North Carolina rapper and singer Morray has signed with Interscope Records in partnership with Moe Shalizi’s Pick Six Records label.

“I’m speaking for every person that has real emotions,” said Morray. “I’m speaking to everyone that has a heart. Every song that you hear from me is a real feeling. I want people to cry with me. I want people to grow with me. I want people to understand where we’ve come from, and that we can always make it out of everything. … It’s just so dope to be on a winning team with Pick Six and to add a power house like Interscope to the mix is just an amazing blessing.”  

Last year, Morray gained himself a viral hit with “Quicksand,” which earned him co-signs from Rick Ross, J. Cole, and DaBaby, among others. Needless to say, Morray has very swiftly made a name for himself, and it’s abundantly clear why from his distinctive approach. He’s not even released a full-length project yet, but that will change soon as he plans to release his new project, Street Sermons, on April 28.

“Morray is an undeniable talent with an infectious energy,” said John Janick, Interscope Geffen A&M CEO. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Moe & his incredible team at Pick Six for what’s to come.” Moe Shalizi added, “There was so much synergy between our side and Interscope that it just felt right, we are really excited to be working with John Janick and the rest of the team.”