According to reports, 6ix9ine and Meek nearly came to blows in a parking garage on Valentine’s Day weekend. Both rappers posted videos of the altercation that saw security attempting to keep a charging 6ix9ine away from Meek, who remained relatively calm throughout the situation. In 6ix9ine’s video that he posted on Twitter, he repeatedly calls Meek a “pussy” while pointing out the fact that he has security guarding him that he alleges are police. In Meek’s video, someone repeatedly calls 6ix9ine a bitch while the rapper is busy recording his own video.

After the footage got out, Meek hopped on Twitter to explain his side of the story. “The feds sent him to take me out,” he wrote. “He really waited outside the club for me. I thought I was dreaming.” He also alleged that he spat on 6ix9ine in a now-deleted Instagram post. 

Later on, Meek gave some more details about the situation, claiming that the 6ix9ine surprised him. ”We did not run into each other I was getting in my car he just popped out…. we almost was smoking on that 69 pack for the love of a viral moment ….. he tryna get something locked up no cap lol,” he wrote. 

6ix9ine, of course, wanted to expose Meek for having protection “Stop letting these rappers lie to you,” he wrote on Instagram. “They too tough for security. @MeekMill running around with police. This how you expose these fake gangstas.”