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In a sit-down with Allison Kugel for Allison InterviewsMaster P weighed in on the always-stewing beef between Kanye West and Drake, which has consumed hip-hop for the last few weeks in particular.

After P showed some 2Pac appreciation, Kugel asked, “Considering history, like considering what happened to [2Pac] and what happened to Biggie and all—what are your thoughts on some of the feuds that are going on now, like between Kanye West and Drake, and things that are becoming really public and kind of crossing the lines of safety?”

“We gotta watch what we do. It’s a lot of selfish people out in the world, and it’s a lot of snakes in the world, so you gotta watch that,” the mogul said. “I think when you at this level and you making this type of money, even the young artists that were losing their lives in hip-hop, which is sad, it’s like, we gotta be thankful and take this as a blessing and grow.”

Master P continued on to say that the issues between ’Ye and Drizzy are being fueled by the teams around them. “I think it’s the people around you,” he said. “You gotta have people give you better advice, or you gotta hang around better people. Also, you gotta be able to be your own critic to where you gotta do what’s right. You gotta hold yourself accountable.”