There’s a lot going on between Kanye West and Drake right now.

The summer began with rumors that they had squashed their beef, but that glimmer of hope didn’t last long. As they each got ready to drop albums at the same time, tensions reignited. First, they traded subliminals about staying off each others’ release dates. Then Drake took direct shots at Kanye on Trippie Redd’s “Betrayal,” which was soon followed by Ye texting an image of the Joker to a group chat with the warning: “You will never recover.” (For a full breakdown of everything that’s gone down so far this summer, we put together a comprehensive timeline here.)

So what’s really going on here? Is the animosity for real, or is this all a promotional tactic for each of their next albums? Who has more to lose here? What’s going to happen next?

While we wait for Kanye’s next Donda listening event in Chicago tonight, where we’ll likely get answers to some of those questions, members of the Complex Music staff (Eric Skelton, Jessica McKinney, and Andre Gee) came together to debate what’s really happening in this beef.