Comedian Lil Duval sparked a trending moment on Twitter back in June when he compared DaBaby to Ludacris, and now the latter has chimed in on the discussion.

A few months back, Duval suggested DaBaby is “this generation[’s] Ludacris,” highlighting the two artists’ often comedic music videos. As his comparisons opened a can of worms—with some agreeing and others vehemently opposing—it was enough to provoke a response from the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper not long after.

Appearing in a new interview with the Breakfast Club, Ludacris gave his thoughts on the comparison and defended Duval’s take.

“I saw people give him a lot of slack for that, and I was like, ‘That’s crazy,’ because I understand where Lil Duval was coming from,” said Luda at the 14:50 point of the interview. “You know, in terms of everything we’re talking about, having fun with your visuals, and being playful, and being slick with the lyrics and having subliminals.”

While he understands the comparison, he also gets why some reacted the way they did, too. “I can understand where he came from with that, but I think people were trying to compare my two decades in the game to however long DaBaby’s been in there, for like two or three years,” he continued. “I think he’s a great artist, and I’ve said that before, and I love the fact he said he was inspired by my videos. … So he already had paid homage, man, so I wasn’t really tripping like that at all.”