Though Ludacris was seen manning a plane in an Instagram video back in March, the rapper doesn’t actually have his pilot license—not yet, at least.

Luda told Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday that he’s “just as surprised as everyone else.” He continued, “The internet just ran with the fact that I have an official pilot’s license when they saw this video. I never said that, but who am I to correct the internet? The internet believes what they want to believe.”

Even though he looked very sure of himself in the video—confidently captioning it “If You Don’t Evolve, You’ll Evaporate”—he assured DeGeneres it was his “first time actually flying.”

“I actually own a plane, but for all of these years, I’ve never wanted to become a pilot, because you can’t drink alcohol within eight hours of flying,” he explained. “Who would want to go on a vacation and not drink before they leave? … Long story short, that’s the first of many, but I do plan to get my pilot’s license soon. It’s a work in progress, it takes some time.”

When the video hit the internet in the spring, Fat Joe, Jamie Foxx, Cam’ron, and Big K.R.I.T. celebrated Ludacris’ newfound hobby.

Luda has something else to celebrate as well: the impending arrival of his second child with wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue. The couple shares a 6-year-old daughter, Cadence Gaelle, and the rapper also has two other daughters—19-year-old Karma and 7-year-old Cai Bella—from previous relationships.