Logic is seemingly pleased with his Ethereum investment.

The 31-year-old rapper hit up Twitter on Wednesday to boast about the rising price of ETH, claiming he had invested millions of dollars in the decentralized computing platform when it was priced at just $1,400; ETH was at $3,611.47 as of press time. 

“Put $2M in ETH at $1,400,” he wrote. “It’s only going up baby!”

According to data published by Coinbase, ETH hit an all-time high of $4,362.35 back in May. It experienced a notable drop to $1,786 just a couple of months later, but has steadily rose ever since. ETH has polarized members of the crypto community, with figures like Mark Cuban saying it “has the most upside” as an investment; while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey previously said he will never buy ETH. While promoting the Twitter add-on “Vicariously” last month, Dorsey posted a screenshot of his latest feed. The shot featured another user’s tweet that suggested ETH was a scam. 

Logic clearly didn’t share this skepticism. 

During his short-lived “retirement,” the Grammy-nominated rapper announced he had purchased millions of dollars worth of bitcoin in October 2020.

“Bought $6 million bitcoin last month,” he said in the video. “Fuck it. YOLO. Seriously.”