Lil Wayne performed at Trillerfest in Miami on Saturday (April 1), and took a moment out of his set to pay his respects to the late DMX.

All the way back in 2000, Weezy and DMX both took part in the Cash Money/Ruff Ryders tour. “When I was a younger kid, we used to be on tour a lot,” he told the crowd. “We used to have so many artists we didn’t need to have no opening acts ‘cause we just needed another record label, and it was just us and them. Being from New Orleans it’s so far away from New York and Cali and shit like that. We didn’t know if it was real when we seen it on TV, the New York guys, the L.A. people. So, when we saw DMX we all fell in love."

The thing that struck him most about DMX, he suggested, was that his rap persona was genuine. “When I got on tour with him, and now you’re in the hotel lobby, you’re backstage, you run into a n***a and he actually says something to you, and when you see this n***a talk like how he rap, and you see this n***a is what he is, and you see this n***a has a zillion dogs with him… It’s impossible not to be obsessed, infatuated, impressed," he continued.

A memorial service was held for DMX inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday, where friends and family came to honor his legacy.

Wayne’s brief tribute to the late artist comes as he’s continued to stir up marriage speculation. Rumors circulated last year that he and his partner Denis Bidot were going through a difficult time and briefly split, but now they’ve since confirmed they’re back together. They’ve also hinted that they’re married, with Wayne tweeting about being the “happiest man alive,” while Bidot shared a picture of them together simply captioned, “FOREVER.”