Lil Nas X is done with comments that he’s being “gay for success.”

The artist, who recently topped the Billboard Hot 100 with his latest single “Montero (Call me By Your Name),” took to Twitter Tuesday to call out haters who’ve claimed he’s using his sexuality to further his success. 

“Y’all love saying i’m being gay for success but can’t name 5 successful gay male artists in the last 10 years to save your life,” Nas wrote in a tweet that’s since earned over 60,000 likes in the last hour and change. 

In the replies and quote tweets, some tried— and failed— to do so. Nas responded to two replies in particular, both of which have been deleted by the users who sent them out. One seemingly accused Nas of dissing other artists.

“I’m not dissing anyone,” Nas wrote. “i’m acknowledging the fact that we aren’t usually as successful as our peers. what’s not clicking starbucks spellman.”

One user even took a jab at Nas’ latest track, which the rapper says he hopes “will open doors for many other queer people to simply exist,” a line he wrote in a letter to his former self on social media upon its release. 

“It’s a million n----as in the industry that make nothing but songs about women and y’all don’t complain,” Nas wrote in response to the Twitter user Tuesday. “But i make my first song about a n---a and now it’s my entire artistry. y’all crack me up man.”

Giving Satan a lap dance certainly turned a lot of conservative pundit’s heads this past month, but if there’s anything Nas makes clear in his latest Twitter exchange, it’s that he’s not going to shy away from being himself just because some are uncomfortable with it.