Lil Durk is the leader of the new school of rappers coming out of Chicago, but Gillie da Kid extended that title even further by calling him today’s Jay-Z.

While visiting the It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast, the second half of Million Dollaz Worth of Game told the host that he believes Durk is the new Hov for a generation of rappers coming up.

“What you mean? You know who the new Hov is,” he in the clip above before quoting Durk’s song “The Voice.” “’I’m Durkio but I’m Chicago’s Jay-Z.’ Yeah, you know who the new Hov is! To the young street n***as? Yes. Because see, Hov was about, you know, being a hustler, gettin’ some money, that was the wave when we was young.”

Gillie continued by explaining that when he was growing up, his generation idolized the Hovs in the game over “the shooters” because the latter’s actions wouldn’t amount to much.

“We didn’t look up to the shooters,” he added. “The shooters was crash dummies. If you was a shooter, you was a n***a who life didn’t mean that much. We didn’t value your life. You was a goofy. It didn’t matter if you went to jail ’cause you gon’ die or go to jail anyway soon. You’s a goofy. … Now, the shooters get praise. A n***a can have some bodies and have no money and be popular. It’s like, wait, that n***a don’t—that n***a just got a $600 rusty gun. Like, what the fuck is we praising him about?”

Durk has called himself the Chi’s Jay-Z several times in the past, including when it was perceived that he was commenting about 6ix9ine’s failed album Tattle Tales:

Check out Gillie’s full interview with It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper below.