Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty decided to handle their issues in a mature manner. 

On Friday, videos started to surface of Kodak Black and Shiesty meeting up with their respective associates. Yet, instead of things turning violent, the two took several pictures together, proving that they had resolved their differences. 

The two were briefly at odds because Kodak Black was trying to take ownership for introducing the “money spread” to hip-hop. Pooh Shiesty took exception to this and decided to prove to Black that he’s been flaunting money on the internet since his youth in Memphis. He also assumed that Kodak was taking shots at him because he was using the “blrrd” ad-lib that is now associated with Shiesty during his videos. 

Despite Shiesty being slightly enraged by Kodak’s stance, Black never fully engaged with the drama. He attempted to curb the speculation on several occasions and even let his fans know that he “relates” to Shiesty. Now it seems like Kodak and Shiesty have finally been able to find common ground and bring their two similar movements together.