Knxwledge’s MEEK tapes have been giving new life to and spreading the word about Meek Mill’s old school freestyles for the last five years, all thanks to the producer’s magic touch. 

But as Knxwledge announced on Twitter Sunday, his time remixing Meek—after six volumes of the popular series which began in 2017—has come to an end. Copyright concerns have led to some of his MEEK material being taken down (seemingly from streaming services), despite the producer claiming he had permission from videographers to flip their recordings. 

“I’m not sure what’s more idiotic,” the Stones Throw Records staple wrote on Twitter via a notes app screenshot. “Taking down music that’s giving you more exposure or simply just not knowing what a fucking remix is. N****s really copywrite striked a corner freestyle that I had permission to flip from the videographer, only reason I can think of is bc this 1 remix got more plays [than] bro has in the last 10 years.”

Knxwledge’s statement, which followed a post of his popular track “sameolemeek_,” continued with him sharing that his tape series is over with, following 2020’s MEEK.VOL6

“Grab the tapes while you can,” he wrote. “To all my heads keeping the raw remixes alive its only a matter of time till the art of remixing is fully dead. Be safe, get a lawyer & thanks for always listening.”

On Instagram, the producer elaborated on the situation, sharing that he grew up on Meek’s corner freestyles, having gone to school in Philadelphia. He then thanked those who documented Meek’s early days, as well as his fans, promising that he’ll “keep it moving” as per usual. 

Knxwledge shares a message on Instagram Stories
Image via Instagram

“Thank you to all the hundreds of thousands who didn’t even know who Meek was and is that listened and supported and listen to these verses the same I do. I always thought worse case scenario [Meek Mill] could just use them as interludes or somthing. Not tryna game fame off of anytime I just wanted them to hear the pain my g.”