Just as his debut mixtape A Kid Named Cudi landed on streaming services, Kid Cudi made a young fan overwhelmingly happy after he hopped on the phone with him.

Cudi caught wind of a mother who said her son informed her that he “needs” Cudi’s phone number so he can tell the rapper just how much he loves his music. “Ima DM u for ur number. I wanna talk to lil homie,” he wrote, later revealing that had, in fact, hopped on a call with his fan.

“So great talkin w u Jackson!” he tweeted. “Cant wait to meet u lil man.” He later shared pictures of Jackson’s reaction when he jumped on the phone with him, with his mother revealing that it made his night. “He's the cutest!!! Cool pj's too!! Not a problem!! Sendin mad love!! ✌🏾💖🥰”

This week, Cudi finally got A Kid Named Cudi on streaming services just two-days shy of its 14th anniversary. “This official release is 2 days shy of the 14th anniversary,” he tweeted upon the re-release of the project, which served as his breakthrough. “I am so damn excited u all get to enjoy it again, remastered, [with] all the jams that made people fans from [the] jump.”