Keys N Krates are ramping things up for the release of their upcoming new album with the release of “Pull Up,” an explosive track that features Haviah Mighty.

“We were already in touch with Haviah at the time before making this,” the group says. “When we came up with the initial pull up demo, we knew she would be perfect on it, and we knew it would be perfect to show how special she is as an artist.”

Mighty couldn’t be more excited to team up with the group, explaining that the production on the track fueled the mood and the energy of her lyrics. “I just caught a vibe and rode the instrumentation; which makes me feel like I’m in the grimiest, dirtiest, best underground basement jam,” she says.

Cover art for Pull Up by Keys N Krates
Image via Publicist

“It feels like a night of haze and liquor with the perfect soundtrack,” she adds. “I’m confident and I’m feeling myself. This song is the confident lion with a freshly tamed mane, walking into the function. It is the sexy, the cool, grungy and dirty,but also, it’s so clean!”

Mighty’s lyrics, as clever as ever, compliment the beats perfectly and emphasize the unique blend of baile funk and Miami bass sounds: “I gotta bust my strut/You know I gotta trust my gut/Looking too fly for the function/I know this shit is just my luck.”

Keys N Krates’ new album Original Classic is out November 12.