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UPDATED 9/25, 4:45 p.m. ET: Kelly Price’s official Instagram has updated her Stories to confirm she is not missing. 

On Saturday the account reposted another user’s claim that the singer is “recovering with her supportive partner” and “sounds strong” during her coronavirus battle. It’s now featured on the Price’s Stories highlights.

“I hope this fabrication can stop and she is able to heal,” the account wrote to its 948,000 followers.

kelly p
Image via Instagram

UPDATED 9/24, 10:58 p.m. ET: Price’s rep Monica Ewing told NBC that the singer decided to go to a “quiet place” to recover from COVID-19 after she was discharged from the hospital.

“She’s safe,” the rep said. “She was released from the hospital with Covid and she went to a quiet place and she’s trying to recover.”

UPDATED 9/24, 9:28 p.m. ET: Kelly Price’s attorney told TMZ via a rep that the singer is safe.

The publication reports that Price’s attorney has notified law enforcement that the singer is not missing.

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Georgia authorities are reportedly searching for Kelly Price.

According to TMZ, the National Crime Information Center has listed the 48-year-old singer as a missing person. The news comes nearly two months after Price announced she had been diagnosed with COVID-19, which ultimately landed her in the ICU.

“Am COVID Positive. I’m following Dr’s orders. I’m quarantined,” she captioned an Instagram video announcing her diagnosis. “Feeling really drained. Splitting headache but I’m not in the hospital. I’m grateful and expecting to have a quick recovery.”

Her family told TMZ that Price was admitted into a Georgia hospital in early August after her COVID symptoms continued to worsen. Price’s loved-ones reportedly kept in touch with her throughout her hospitalization, and even visited her several times; however, three weeks after she was admitted, the hospital informed her family that she had been discharged. Her relatives told TMZ the news was surprising, as Price was still struggling with the illness at the time she was released.

Her family claims they have not seen or heard from Price ever since, and that her boyfriend isn’t allowing anyone to visit her home. Concerns continued to grow over the following weeks, prompting her relatives to request a wellness check last Saturday. Though Cobb County officials said they found no evidence of a crime, they told TMZ that authorities are now trying to determine Price’s whereabouts.