Kanye West had so much fun at his first Donda listening party, he decided to do it again.

On Thursday night, Kanye invited everyone to his new home (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) in Atlanta and played the latest version of his tenth studio album, Donda. This time, things were a little different, though. He finally ditched his red outfit in favor of a Balençiaga spiked jacket and a bullet proof vest. He wasn’t alone this time, either. After wandering around an empty field by himself two weeks ago, he was joined by dozens of fans who danced around him in a large circle. It was a celebratory night.

The music was different, too. Kanye played lots of new songs (and new versions of songs we’d already heard). Donda is taking shape in front of our eyes. But, as you might have noticed, the album still hasn’t officially arrived as of Friday afternoon (hopefully it will be out by the time you read this). There’s a lot to unpack from last night, though. So we put together a list of our observations and takeaways from the 82-minute listening session.

Kanye West
via Yeezy