In their new music video for “HOT BOY,” Toronto rap OG k-os and his protege KAGE E explore Vancouver’s otherworldly beauty through an intergalactic trip across space and time.

For the video, director Drew Lightfoot, the visionary behind k-os’ timeless visuals for “Sunday Morning” and “4321,” transforms Vancouver into a sci-fi cityscape full of motorcycles and UFO laserbeams. At the end of k-os’ 2004 music video for “Man I Used to Be,” we see him vanish into the depths of outer space. Seventeen years later, “HOT BOY” finally showcases k-os’ return to planet Earth with a 16-year-old KAGE E by his side.

“It was surreal! Everything happened so fast but I definitely captured every moment and it was super great getting to meet k-os and everyone involved,” says KAGE E, who had never been to Vancouver prior to the video. “He was a huge influence on me and it was sick to be able to work on the video with him! We were doing something every second and ended up shooting right after I landed.”

Artwork for K-os HOT BOY single featuring KAGE E
Image via Tom Belding

The 16-year-old rapper and k-os saw their friendship flourish through Instagram, when KAGE E sent the hip-hop veteran a song titled “Searchin” via DM. K-os instantly knew the two were lyrically in sync, and together they have a self-described “Batman and Robin vibe.”

Said vibe is especially present in the “HOT BOY” video, which includes a shot of the two rappers hovering across water on a luxury speedboat, heading towards a blue beam from what appears to be k-os’ spaceship.

“I haven’t shot a video in Vancouver since “Top of the World” with the Rascalz featuring Barrington Levy. If you just point and shoot out here, there’s natural beauty everywhere including the people,” says k-os. “I really wanted KAGE E to experience the magic of Vancouver, as it blew me away when I had my first adventure here, especially the intangible vibe at nighttime. Drew Lightfoot and Devin Karringtem captured the eventide beautifully.”