Jay Electronica is fed up with Wack 100’s recent comments about the Nation of Islam. 

The acclaimed MC took to Instagram and Twitter on Monday to respond to the manager’s recent claims made during a Clubhouse conversation with Brother Ben X. The moment came when Wack inquired about the money raised during the 1995 Million Man March, and where it went. The event, per the Chicago Tribune, was called for by Louis Farrakhan and saw roughly 837,000 Black men appear at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and raised an estimated $245,000. 

“That was orchestrated by the Nation of Islam. The money was administered by the Nation of Islam,” Wack said, per HipHopDX. “It was supposed to be this, this and that. I thought I was going to see some schools or maybe some type of funding for child resources. The Million Man March came, a bunch of people raised a bunch of money and then…we didn’t hear nothing.”

Electronica—who is a member of the Nation of Islam—called on Wack to “ask me with yo c**n ass” if he had any questions about the topic again. And in an Instagram post with a screenshot of his tweet, he urged the manager of the Game to “KEEP MY NATION’s NAME OUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.”

“You out here pressing everybody but the open enemy,” Jay wrote on Twitter. “Don’t be out here stunting on our lil brother. Press ME about The Nation Of Islam. I got that fire you looking for.”

In another post, Jay Elec requested Wack “SIT DOWN AND YOU SHUT YO WEAK KNEED BITCH ASS UP,” before telling Brother Ben X in an IG comment that he handled the conversation with Wack “beautifully.”

“Me on the other hand, only my eyeballs sticking out the mud,” he wrote. “I’m with the shits.”