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Is J. Cole going to tour The Off-Season? It remains unclear, but a cryptic Instagram post teases that it might actually happen.

“S h o u l d. i. t o u r. t h i s. o n e ?” Cole wrote alongside an Instagram post today of the word “Tour” engulfed in flames. While nothing is confirmed yet, the post is definitely enough to suggest that he is at least considering the idea. Regardless, Cole is also set to headline Rolling Loud California and New York on Oct. 29 and Dec. 11, so at least fans can rest easy knowing they will get a chance to hear some of The Off-Season joints live in concert. The last time Cole hit the road was all the way back in 2018 when he toured KOD. That means it’s been three years since fans have been graced by a live Cole performance.


The Off-Season has gotten nothing but praise since it dropped back in May. Critics adored it as well as fans, and the project went on to sell 282,000 equivalent album sales its first week, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 as a result. As the album continues to thrive, Cole recently dropped the video for “Punchin’ the Clock,” which found the rapper performing in the back of a New York City Taxi cab. Directed by Scott Lazer, the duo also teamed up previously for Cole’s video for “Applying Pressure.”