Interviewing phenom Jazzy’s World TV has done it again, this time landing a rare interview with J. Cole before his headlining performance at Governors Ball last Sunday.

The 12-year-old journalist has already notched several viral interviews, including ones with Jay-Z and Tom Holland. Here, she talks to Cole about the importance of staying persistent and chasing your dreams, before uncovering that they share a unique bond. 

“I feel like persistence is important because if you really truly love something and you truly believe, you should just do it for the love, and even if you don’t get to where you were trying to go, you’re still doing it for the love,” Cole told Jazzy.

The two also bonded over their shared experience of nervously waiting outside to meet Hov. In fact, that’s what led to Jazzy scoring an interview with the rap legend. 

Jazzy told Complex how meaningful it was for her to be able to talk to Cole, and gave a special shoutout to a Dreamville member who helped make it happen.

“I was definitely very blessed to interview Mr. J. Cole because he’s one of my favorite rappers and it meant a lot to me. I also wanted to use my platform to inspire other people to stay persistent in their goals and their dreams,” she said. “We all have a purpose on this Earth and in order to gain that purpose, we need to work on it. I also want to give a big shout-out to J.I.D who played a major role in making the interview happen. I’m grateful. Thank you, J.I.D.”

Check out Jazzy’s full interview with J. Cole up top.