After her next album, Iggy Azalea says she’s turning her creative attention elsewhere.

In a message to fans on Thursday, the “I Am the Stripclub” artist explained why the upcoming End of an Era is “so special” to her at this moment in her career.

“[End of an Era] is so special to me because after I drop my album next month I am going to take a few years to focus on other creative projects and things I’m feeling passionate and inspired by beyond music,” Azalea tweeted, adding that she’s excited for fans to see “different sides” to her in the future.

In a quick follow-up, Azalea said it’s important for now that she focus on what she’s “most excited about” after the new album’s release and accompanying tour plans.

“I hope you’ll continue to support whatever creative projects I’m out here doing,” she said.

Later, in response to a fan saying they were looking forward to what’s next, Azalea teased that she has “the coolest project” dropping the week after the album is released.

See Azalea’s comments in full below.